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Planning for a Simple Advent.featured

As we prepare for our third baby’s birth in a couple of weeks, my stranger nesting tendencies like the need to wash every wall and ceiling in the apartment, purge ruthlessly, and rearrange all the furniture are beginning to fade into gentler preparations. I am looking forward to snowy, dreary days filled with twinkle lights, Read more


Simple Parenting Advice: “Parenting Should Be a Joy.”featured

This beautiful advice comes from my equally beautiful friend, Kathleen. It was a simple sentence she said in the midst of a conversation about why she chose to become a certified infant sleep coach. She may not even remember it, but it left a profound impact on me. Hearing it spoken out loud, it sounds Read more


Simple Parenting Advice: Be Careful with Your Words.featured

This important advice comes from my own wise mom. Ever since we began having children, she has insisted that we remain vigilant about how we think and talk about our children because the things we say  to ourselves and to them can become self-fulfilling prophecies. She has encouraged us to avoid adjectives like “dramatic,” “difficult,” Read more


Simple Parenting Advice: Focus on the Basics.featured

As I write this from the playground on a glorious fall day, it’s easy to remember why this advice, received from many sources, is so important. Yet a week ago, in the midst of overwhelm and sleep deprivation, even these simple tasks seemed insurmountable. Most of us have heard that the “basics” of caring for Read more


Baby Shower Gifts for the Minimalist Mom.featured

Over the last couple of years, I have had the immense joy of watching several of my close friends prepare to become first time moms. These women are light years ahead of where I was in preparing to be a new mom and have shared their intentional approach to controlling the amount of stuff and Read more


10 Kitchen Items We Live Without. And 1 We Don’t.featured

I recently saw a post claiming to be the “Essential Minimalist Kitchen Guide.” The only items a minimalist should ever need in the kitchen. Apart from the fact that we happily don’t own half the items on the list, it did not take into account that some families (like us) regularly need more than six Read more


Flying with Kids: What We Pack.featured

After 43 flights with at least one child, 37 of those with two children, and all with at least one lap child, I thought I’d share some of what we’ve learned and what gets us confidently back in the air time and again. Unsurprisingly, we take a minimalist approach to flying. On Molly’s first transatlantic flight Read more


On becoming a one car family.featured

Last week, we achieved one of our long-term downsizing goals: we became a one car family. The wonderful thing we’ve discovered about choosing a life of simplicity and minimalism is the less we have, the less we realize we need. When we started downsizing, we had no idea it would lead us to apartment living. When we moved into Read more


Simple Eating.featured

We are embarking on a new minimalism journey: family meals. Our goals are to eat at home when we’re not traveling, make meal preparation simple and enjoyable, and make dinner a significant part of our family life. I grew up in a southern family, where meals are central to forming and maintaining relationships, and it’s something I Read more


What if we fly?featured

There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask, “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly? Many of you may recognize this poem, or at least the last two or three lines. When I began writing this blog, I wanted a name that would communicate the Read more